On the issues about authorship referring to our announcement of day 12/17/2018 and having 4Mhz fulfilled at last our only objective not to be omitted of all the possible ways as authors of our contributions in their games, we manifest that:

We have settled the matter and so that what happened does not have a negative impact on the 4Mhz projects, we again authorize the use of our contributions, including the code of our horizontal scrolling engine for their next project, Lady Phoenix.

And to complete the information provided by 4Mhz in its announcement of 12/18/2018, we would like to add the following:

1) BG and 4Mhz agreed to publish a joint announcement, the text of which should be agreed by both parties.

2) The draft text that BG proposed to 4Mhz to add, delete or propose any change was as follows:

Learning from mistakes makes us bigger.

In order to preserve the good harmony and collaboration of the scene, Batman Group and 4Mhz want to clarify the following:

Batman Group has had a close relationship with 4Mhz since its inception by unselfishly providing original Rhino routines for 4Mhz games.

In the special videos of the CPCRetroDev 2017 and 2018 of the Youtube channel "Juanje Juega" a false information was emitted. In them 4Mhz attributes the authorship of the split screen routine used in 4Mhz games to Javier Garcia Navarro, when the original author of that routine is Rhino.

This erroneous information in turn has generated more confusion, as the split screen used in Jarlac by Toni Ramirez is based on code from Javier Garcia Navarro, when in fact it is based on the original code provided by Rhino to 4Mhz.

Once fixed the errors in the information about authorship provided by 4Mhz in these media, Batman Group and 4Mhz maintain their collaboration in perfect harmony without this small incident affecting any of the projects of both groups.

3) For us, the fact that determined the impossibility of reaching an initial, joint and friendly resolution was that the first response of 4Mhz to the text delivered as a draft was the total refusal of 4Mhz to publish any joint announcement, since we consider that if they were not in conformity with the content of the draft text, the appropriate thing would have been to propose the changes they considered appropriate, as we had previously agreed.

4) Beyond the personal relationship between Rhino and JGN, both are part of their respective teams, so others people have also been involved and as a consequence, everything BG says is done on behalf of the group and not in Rhino's personal capacity.

Finally, we are happy that this sad incident has had a happy ending for all parties and from BG we take note of everything in which we have been wrong in order to continue improving and contributing to the growth of the scene.

And for those who, like 4Mhz, need our help and are wondering how to contact us, we have left this sign.